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New to Christ Community?

Welcome to Christ Community. We’re glad you’re interested in visiting our church.  We hope you join us at a weekend service and consider making us your church family. We’re not perfect; in fact, we like to say we are one big dysfunctional family. But we’ve been saved by the One who is perfect and who is making something beautiful from the broken pieces of our lives.

What are you about?

At Christ Community we are about three things: Jesus, community, and mission. In that order. Jesus first, because real lasting joy, hope and change is only found in and through Him. Then community, because he is big enough to bring diverse people together. Then mission, because this isn’t for us only. He sends us out to make a positive difference in his name.  We invite you to join us on this journey!

What are your services like?

Our gatherings celebrate with both modern and ancient elements. We try to keep things creative and varied, using music and the arts to help communicate truth in a multifaceted, relevant way.  In our teaching, we point to Jesus in all that we do and see how the Gospel affects every arena of our lives. Dress is comfortable and casual, and everyone is welcome! Whether you are a skeptic, seeker or follower of Jesus our desire is for you to experience the love God has for you no matter where you are in your spiritual journey. For a closer look, check out our weekend messages.

What about my kids?

We welcome and encourage families to model and worship together on Sunday mornings. However, we also believe that children benefit from experiencing teaching and worship in an age-appropriate environment. We support both values by having children join us for the first 20 minutes of each worship service and then inviting them to go to a children’s worship experience—CORE|Kidz Worship—for children age 3 - 5th grade. There, your child will engage in age-appropriate teaching, games, music and more with other kids their age. Of course, your children may instead join you for the entire service if you prefer.

Our infant and toddler nurseries provide a safe and fun environment for children under age 3 during our Sunday morning gatherings. Our caregivers have completed safe child care training, and we observe proper check-in and check-out procedures in order to make sure children are well cared-for! Please note that care givers do not change diapers; we’ll contact you during the service by a special code number if your child needs you.

If you would like to keep your infant or preschooler with you, we think that is wonderful.  Most who do so have found that sitting in the back, near a door, or participating from the lobby is a great help with those early years of attending a service. This not only makes it easier for you to get up if you need to, it also allows those around you to enjoy the service without distraction. We also provide children’s bulletins for your child to draw on to keep them occupied during the service.  For children who are nursing there is a cry/nursing room in between the nurseries for newborns and their parents. If you have further questions, please stop by the welcome desk.

What Next?

Check out our What’s Next? page to learn more about next steps…

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